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Why Am I Here? <3 

(a Preliminary Introductory Manifesto)

by Neonn Felicity


My motivation for requesting

     some of your precious Time & Attention

         can be summarized by

             (a regrettably diluted Meme):

                 "the Evolution of Consciousness."


But already the simple mention of this phrase 

     conjures up a slew of Obscurantist Propaganda, 

         & therefore, threatens to turn away readers 

             who are weary of New Age charlatans & Pseudoscience,

             or who have simply become Jaded 

                 by the Resilience of Fear-based Consciousness

                     over the past 50 years,

                 & the Correspondingly Sluggish Pace

                     of the onset of the Age of Aquarius

                         since our first Psychedelic Renaissance..


It is Overwhelming to Conceptualize

     the Aggregate Disillusionment

         of the Utopian Imagination since the sixties.


The Awareness that Industrial Capitalism is Detrimental

     to the Well-Being

         & even very Survival,

             of our Entire Species,

             & most of our Brothers & Sisters

                 in the entire Ecosystem

     has been Mainstream for half a Century;


         & yet,

             All of the most Toxic Effects of that System

                 have only been Exacerbated since then;

                     so people seem to have given up

                         on Serious Civilizational Transformation.


Ever since the Establishment Decapitated

     the snowballing Movements

         for Civil RightsFree Speech

             (& against Imperial Warfare)

         by Eliminating JFK & MLK & Malcolm,

             so many other Charismatic Utopian Leaders

                 (either by Martyrdom or simply Defamation),


     "The Age of Aquarius" has become shorthand

         for Naively Idealistic & Passive Optimism

             about the Cosmic Nature of this Shift,

             leading people to Believe

                 that this New Golden Age, 

                     (an Era of Pervasive Universal Love

                         & Peace & Compassion & Harmony)

                     is either:

                         (a). a Miraculous sudden impulse of Solar Energy,

                             which will Magically save us like the Rapture;

                         or (b). a Foolish Assumption of (a)

                             which serves only to Pacify

                                 would-be Revolutionaries,

                                      Potential Improvers of the Human Condition.


But in Truth,

     this Shift has been Occurring,

         albeit Painfully Slowly,

         in the Realm of Culture steadily ever since.


It has indeed become Cliche

     (again, due to Deliberate

         Counter-Revolutionary Obscurantist Propaganda)

     to frame this Transformation of Global Civilization

         as a matter of Enlightening Individual Consciousness,

             but there really is No Other Way.


This New Cybernetic Paradigm

     is Inherently Hyper-Democratic;

         i.e., a Primary Message of the Medium

             of the Internet

                  is Radical Decentralization of Power & Access.


So, the Exponentially Accelerating advance of Technology

     is Morally Agnostic

        (as well as Inevitable);

         it is the Consequences of Human Behavior

             which are Extended & Expanded & Enhanced

                 by Increasingly Powerful Technology.


         Therefore, the Social Evolutionary Trajectory

             we are Progressing along

                 (driven by the unstoppable onward march of Time)

                 is Determined by

                     the Choices & Actions of People;


                         while the Impact of Each Individual Choice & Action

                             is Growing by Orders of Magnitude

                                 along with the Power of the Technology.


& Human Behavior is Determined

     by Evolved Features & Dynamics

         of our Biology (the Hardware--i.e., "Nature")

         & our Culture (the Software--i.e., "Nurture"). 


Biological Evolution occurs Relatively Slowly,

     Innovating Blindly by Imperfectly Reiterating

         Whole Organisms Generationally; 

     while Cultural Evolution occurs much more Quickly,

         because Memes are Pure Patternment,

             while Genes are Physically Instantiated.



     the Greatest Opportunity we have

         to Evolve Consciousness

             (to keep Pace with the Technological Quickening)

             is Our Capacity to Share Our Stories

                 Directly with each other,

                     & thereby, 

                          Cut Big Brother Out of the Loop;


i.e., to Use the Internet

     to Disassociate Publicity from Patronage,

          & thereby,

          to Emancipate Popularity from Corporate Sponsorship;  

               & thereby,

               to Gradually Rescue "Popular Culture"

                     from the Dystopian Wasteland

                         of  Glamorous Garbage

                              currently Rotting the Minds

                            of the Masses of Humanity.

                                      (a Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste!)


     "The Minister of Information

         Loses his Fucking Job

              in this Apocalypse!"


Because otherwise,

     the Obsolete "Greed-is-Good" Narrative 

         will Prevail, 

             simply by Saturating the Airwaves,

                 Producing the Anti-Social & Superficial

                     Values & Prejudices

                         Dominating our Civic & Cultural Discourse

             (like Christian Iconography

                 during the Analog European Renaissance).

                      "He who Pays the Piper Picks the Tune."



     this little pocket of Cyberspace

         where your Mind is currently Located 

             Reading this Introduction

         will be my Attempt

             to Open Source my Information Diet,

             to Share the Bliss of Felicity

                 I've discovered along my Journey.


i.e., Think of this website as a Virtual

     Museum of the Future

         (Museums Exhibit Culture),

         Library of the Past

             (Libraries Catalog Culture),

             University of Now.

                 (Universities Teach Culture). <3

Education doesn't have to suck.

School is Obsolete.

& this is just the Beginning! xD

     I have millions of pencil-written words on this Paradigm Shift

         from these past few years,

         Commenting on thousands of Contemplative Media Gems

             I've painstakingly plucked out of the Noisy Chaos of Cyberia


So if you like Thinking about Important stuff,

     Bookmark this Page!  :]  <3

         because in the weeks & months & years ahead,

             I will be Working full-time

                 to Curate an Epic Treasure Trove

                     of immanently accessible Ecstatic Illumination

                          via Linguistic & Aesthetic

                     Cultural Masterpieces. *.*


Just as

     Good Food is Medicine,

     & Bad Food is Poison;

           so the same goes for Media.


Media is to the Mind

      what Food is to the Body;

              We are (Ontologically Constituted by)

                        what we Eat.


 It's Time to Stop Consuming Garbage

         Quality Really Does Matter.


               Seek Felicity!

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